Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sedona Secret: First of Seven

Natural light from above and below make this stone ledge a mystical retreat.

Sedona, AZ -- Hike back into one of Sedona's lonely red rock canyons and you feel that you are in a strange world. Most hikers' spirits are quieted as they escape further back into narrow canyons made of stratified formations. Others get downright giddy. Giggly newcomers to the wondrous red rock country are a common occurrence along Sedona's many trails.

Sedona Canyon Hike
Yesterday photographer Charles Bame and I found a respite from others in a secret place off a Sedona side canyon. We crawled through a hole in the rock hidden by Arizona Sycamores and scruffy pine trees and spent several hours photographing and writing. Do you recognize our mystical retreat? Probably not since it is hidden under tons of rock and is one of Sedona's seven secrets. If you think that you recognize this womb-like spot, let us know by leaving a comment.

Sedona's Seven Secrets
Chuck and Vagabonding Lulu are collaborating on a book project that will reveal the seven secrets of this other-worldly red rock country. Subscribe on the right hand side of this website, and we'll let you know when the book will be available for on-line purchase.
Stacey Wittig, "Vagabonding Lulu" is an Arizona travel writer - yeah, she writes about Arizona travel AND is an Arizonan who writes about travel throughout the world. Subscribe to this blog and get FREE travel advice... and learn all of Sedona's Seven Secrets.

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