Friday, November 13, 2009

How to get from DCA to Downtown DC

How to travel from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) to downtown Washington DC?

For stress-free, convenient transportation around the DC area, we used the Metro to get from Reagan National Airport (DCA) to our hotel near China Town in the Penn Quarter. We found the signage at DCA quite good, and simply followed the signs to the centrally located station. Metro system maps and information are readily available at the airport’s metro station. Aptly named “Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport” Station, you may access either the Yellow or Blue line there.

Our wheeled luggage pulled easily through DC’s Accessibility-compliant sidewalks and escalators.

Washington DC Metro Pass machine takes cash and credit cards.

Free Washington DC travel tips:

Vagabonding Lulu’s travel tip #1: When purchasing multiple fare cards for friends or family with a credit card, select the “B” button, then click the same button one more time for 3 passengers, click again for 4, and so one. Saves time and credit card slides. We paid a mere $1.35 per person for fares from Reagan International Airport to China Town.

Vagabonding Lulu travel tip #2: If you’re a Republican, call Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport “Reagan.” My liberal friend corrected me when I said I had flown into Reagan. He said, “I call it National.” So to be politically correct, if you are Democratic, call Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport “National.” If undecided you could always fly into Dulles International Airport (DIA) one hour south of DC, although DIA has no DC Metro service.
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