Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Canyon hikers dropping like flies

Flagstaff, Arizona -- Yesterday's news paper report that another Canyon hiker had bit the dust, this time by falling 70 feet (21.33 meters) into the waters of Glen Canyon Recreational Area, reminded me that ALL hikers need to use caution in Canyon Country. Unfamiliar territory, temperatures and weather conditions all  take their toll on visitors and locals alike.

Earlier this month, while the 7-days All-Women's River trip was getting their safety instructions, another hiker disappeared into the recesses of the Grand Canyon. They found his body while we were down there. Another hiker died on his Canyon hike the day after we pulled out. And now this 49-year old male falls off the side of a cliff while traversing an area of loose rock far above the Escalante River just off world-renown Lake Powell.

Vagabonding Lulu Travel Tip: While in Canyon Country avoid dizziness by drinking lots of water and eating more food - especially salty snacks - than you normally ingest. Take caution and always watch your footing. Go with an adventure company that has a long history in the Canyon - like Canyoneers, the river company that outfitted and guided our 7-day Grand Canyon river rafting trip. Learn more at

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