Friday, August 21, 2009

Scrimping on Toilet Paper During the Economic Downturn?

Are you using less toilet paper during the economic downturn? Have you noticed the empty roll at your hometown restaurant? Are you squirreling away toilet paper from home to use during banquets at local hotels or, gasp, the gas station advertising "Clean Restrooms"?

Maybe its time to complain, as this restroom negligence could be affecting your local economy. Today SCA Tissue North America announced that the shrinking demand for toilet paper and other paper products is causing lay-offs.

The Flagstaff plant supplies toilet paper to hotels and restaurants in Arizona, California and parts of Colorado.

A press release blamed the lay-offs on a “softening in customer orders due to the weakened economy.”

I suggest that hotel management starts buying local, not just for their gourmet chef, but also for their hosekeeping departments. SCA Tissue uses recycled paper to produce their sustainable products.
By Local - Buy Recycled Toilet Paper?
Stacey "Vagabonding Lulu" Wittig is a Flagstaff travel writer that writes about quirky travel facts, travel tips and gives FREE travel advice. Communicating from Flagstaff, AZ today.
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