Friday, May 1, 2009

Tinderbox Restaurant Opens with a BANG!

Although they called it a "soft opening," the Tinderbox Restaurant's door flew off its hinges with a bang tonight. If the noisy, happy crowd was any indication of things to come, the restaurant will be a Flagstaff favorite for quite sometime.

Happy diners nibbled on chicken liver pate, smoked salmon on coins of cucumber and cheddar fritters. Executive Chef Scott Heinonen promises a seasonal menu of "redefined" American Comfort Food. Jalapeno Mac-N-Cheese with Duck leg confit should ignite the tastebuds. I'm looking forward to trying Scott's Sweet & Spicy Sausage links served with creamy blue cheese grits and shaved fennel slaw. Just don't tell my doctor -- Dee Kaserer -- who has FINALLY got my cholesterol down to normal levels!

The T-Box opens for biz on Tuesday, May 5 for dinner. Read more about the restaurant at

Vagabonding Lulu is a travel writer based in Flagstaff, Arizona in the American Southwest. Her friends request her opinion of restaurants and food, but the Flagstaff travel writer would never call herself a food "critic!"
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Jeff Saville said...

Ohh yeah the Tinderbox Kitchen is going to be a great addition to the southside... My taste buds are still thanking me this morning. Flagstaff peeps be sure to give the Tinderbox a try starting on the 5th of May for dinner... Your are sure to be amazed..

Stacey Wittig, Vagabonding Lulu said...

I heard the T-Box served over 70 on their second night of "official opening..." Great job, Kevin and Scott!