Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu vs. Travel Fun

To travel or not to travel that is the question: Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer
the slings and arrows of Swine Flu (or any other travelers' pestilence),
Or to take arms (medical masks) against a sea of troubles...?

To take a the thousand natural shots? For Vagabonding Lulu to not travel is to die. So I pull up my sleeve and head off to the local county health organization. Thank God the Yellow Fever vaccine is good for 10 years! It looks like I may be due for my Typhoid booster (due every two years.)

Although there is no Swine Flu vaccine for humans as of yet, I did just order 30 days of Malarone. That funky malaria med that affects people in different ways. Makes me feel as if I've just had two glasses of champagne. Sans the bubbly, tant pis!

I'm headed to Tanzania, East Africa and if the Swine Flu doesn't get me before I leave the Southwest USA, malaria, dysentery or the common cold on the other side of the globe may.

That's why I stay up on all travelers shots and meds, take plenty of vitamins and get lots of rest before I leave. Traveler Tips: Emergen-C better than Airborne. Ups your immune system and comes in handy pouch. Order an extra glass of water on your next airline flight and pour it in. Bring an extra supply for the guy sitting next to you. He might have Swine Flu.

Only one reported case of Swine Flu in Arizona so far. My luck, he'd be sitting right next to me on the flight from Phoenix to Tanzania.

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