Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Flagstaff Tea Party - Tax Protest

250 - 300 citizens showed up in blowing cold to support the Tea Party in Flagstaff, Arizona at Flagstaff City Hall today, April 15. The deadline day for taxpayers to submit their taxes, or pay hefty penalties. Many protesters said they are worried about the government's over spending.

"The media reports the three trillion dollar spending as if it were like picking up the tab at Starbuck's," announced Bradley Beaucamp, a US Constitution expert. "Do you have ANY idea of how much 3 trillion dollars is?" he asked the crowd. "If you taped $100 bills together, they would reach to the moon! And then came back again. You can't even count to three trillion in your lifetime. Unless you can count to 400 in one second."

World War II veteran, Peter Wainwright spoke on patriotism and said he was offended that the government was labeling returning veterans as 'terrorists.' Former Sheriff Joe Richardson and 60-year Flagstaff resident warned protesters that tomorrow they will be minimalized by the media as in "only a few protesters showed up." "We're here because we love Flagstaff," Richard said in refuting what the press will surely label as a "hate gathering."

Workers driving home in rush hour traffic past Flagstaff's City Hall honked and waved thumbs up in support of the protest.

Vagabonding Lulu is a Flagstaff travel writer who loves to share travel deals and travel tips with her readers. Although she somehow walzed around Con Law (Constitutional Law) while attaining her BA in Political Science back in the 70s, VLL still is up for a good political protest.
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