Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mountain Man Bill Williams: Cannibal or Not?

When you travel in the American Southwest, you will run across the name "Bill Williams" in many places. That is because "Old Bill" as he was called, covered a lot of territory in the mid-1800s. Pueblo, CO; Taos, New Mexico; Los Angeles, CA to name a few of the the trapper, trader and scout's favorite haunts.

Bill Williams Mountain outside of Williams, AZ is named for him. The photo is a statue of Bill Williams by sculptor Bill Pettit. There is quite a variance of commentary over his controversial life. Missionary to the Indians, horse thief, friend of Kit Carson and cannibal. What's true?

Stay tuned as I do more research on this 19th-Century vagabond. Vote now with you comment below: Was famed traveler Bill Williams a cannibal?

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